A Mood!?

It’s not a mood, it’s more of a passion.

I am really looking forward to creating something special with this domain name. 0n3. Hacker text for ONE. A name I’ve envisioned as ONE WEB.

.COM domains are sparse and will phase out. An address that you type is typically trained, unless you were on AOL and you never recognized how to type a URL until it was made available.

The internet is STILL brand new. It’s not a mood, but we will continue to think of the internet as the most evolutionary piece of our time.

It’s not a mood.

Slow down! .COM’s are here until the untrained are no longer providing input. ICANN continues to allow: .google, .io, .custom-country.

It takes time to make trends. Continue following here if you are up for more non-sense!

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